Kars Collection Rugs are between 40-50 years old.
Kars located near the Russian border in Turkey produces carpets designed in the Caucasian style. The main motif used is large cruciform. The quiet olive-green combined with a dull red-brown and lighter beige tones give the piece enormous warmth. The eight stylized trees of life in the corners are surrounded by a Caucasian calyx-and-leaf border and the guard stripes are called ‘running dogs.” The extremely valuable hand-spun mountain wool is used in the hand weaving and is especially prized by acknowledged buyers. Naturally dyed wool is used with the dominate colors navy blue, red and cream. There are 200.000 knots per square meter in Kars carpet’s and for this reason, Kars carpets are so noted fine works of art.
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Since 1932 / 3 Generations
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