Tashpinar Collection Rugs are between 20-30 years old.
Tashpinar is a small hamlet in the carpet weaving areas of the Nigde. Nigde is one of the main roads that cross the Taurus Mountains. Tashpinar produces excellent carpet of a thick pile, knotted in high quality wool. They have a predominantly blue and red field enlivened by delicate motifs in lighter shades. The yarn is dyed with natural vegetable dyes by the Caucasian methods. Tashpinar carpets are among the most beautiful of all Anatolian carpets. In the old Taspinar’s carpets, the Persian influence can be seen which are plant figures and geometric designs used simultaneously. However, the rich colors and beautifully proportioned somewhat formal design prevent this unusual mixture from this pleasing the eye. Well cared for, old Tashpinar has a wonderful silk-like quality. As the lanolin in the wool rises to the surface it gives the pile a soft rich velvety sheen. New Tashpinar is made in the same rich colors as old ones, but the designs are becoming more varied. Caucasian and nomadic pattern have become more regular in recent years. The knot density of Tashpinar carpets are 140,000 per square meter.
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